The best asparagus recipes

Boscolo Bertolin’s asparagus is the ideal ingredient for preparing all sorts of tasty recipes, from starters to first and second courses: you will discover right away how to make dishes to serve at table on an everyday basis or for special occasions, to eat as a family meal or in the company of others.

Pappardelle with asparagus and prawns

Pappardelle with asparagus and prawn tails make a first course featuring a delicate and refined flavour. This dish is very easy to prepare and is very impressive. Placing prawns alongside asparagus makes a highly successful combination, so much so that it can be said that it has become a classic example of our good Mediterranean cuisine.

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Lasagne with asparagus and salmon

This is one of the many existing versions of lasagne, prepared here with salmon and asparagus.

If you cannot find fresh asparagus, use the deep-frozen version. This dish contains 350 calories per serving, but with very little fat, and it can also be served as a single course, accompanied only by vegetables.

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Tagliatelle with tomato sauce

and asparagus

It is unusual to find pasta with asparagus that has tomatoes in it as well. In this recipe they are used to prepare a tomato-based sauce that will go very well with fresh tagliatelle. The finishing touch will consist of slivers of Montasio, a PDO cheese from the Friuli and Veneto areas.

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White asparagus gratin

Among the many recipes for vegetable dishes based on asparagus, we suggest a gratin of white asparagus, which are the very large ones and, precisely, very white and are cooked au gratin in the oven enriched with cream and become covered with a delicious crust. White asparagus is a perfect vegetable for serving with meat cooked in a very simple manner such as oven-roasted pork, chicken or lamb, and are perfect for an Easter lunch.

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Asparagus wrapped in sole fillets

Attractive fillets of sole on the fishmonger’s counter … but sometimes I feel tempted to experiment some new recipes with this fish. Indeed, there are certainly other alternatives in addition to the all too well-known sole meunière, a dish which all children are mad about. Indeed, fillets of sole are just the right thing for preparing rolls which can be filled in all sorts of ways, depending on your own imagination, on what you can find in your fridge or on what is typical of the season. In this particular case the filling consists of white asparagus, standing out against bacon.

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